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What does God really intend the church to be? 

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 Organic Christianity

The concept of organic church is just like anything else organic, unspoiled by human hands. In his book, Finding Organic Church, Frank Viola says that an Organic Church is not a theater with a script, but a lifestyle, an authentic journey with the Lord Jesus and His disciples.  He also indicates that an Organic Church is born out of spiritual life, not constructed by human institutions and held together by religious programs.

Our family recently made the decision to leave the "institutional", traditional church to seek out organic Christianity.  We are looking for something real, as we understand Jesus Christ to be real.

While there were many reasons for our making this decision, one of the proverbial straws on the camel's back came recently when we received the church newsletter.   The youth department wrote that  our church is a church about people and ministry to people, not about programs. The other7 pages in the newsletter were all about the church programs that month.  Wow, did that hit home.  Somehow in "growing up in Christ" we lost the part about loving one another and ministry in Jesus name, and turned into a program driven institution designed to keep people coming and dollars flowing, and provide the feel good experience.  In fact, there was nearly some program or activity daily at the church. 

That's not what Jesus is about.  It's not what church is about.  We are the ekklesia, the called out ones. We are here to make a difference in the world, not hide in church buildings. Jesus was all about sharing God's love and ministering to peoples needs to show that love.  That, in a nutshell,  is real Christianity.

As we develop this website, we hope to uncover and share what God's intention is for His church.  I don't have all the answers.  But I know who does.  And I have a pretty good idea where to find it.

 One final thought....  we hated to leave the other people behind in leaving the traditional church.  There were a lot of connections and friendships that essentially died when we left. We did not announce our intentions, since people would think we were turning against them. We believed it was difficult for them to understand where we are going.  But we had to do it, to follow God.  The sad thing is, when we left, that no one called, sent notes, or showed any concern, except the pastor.  When the pastor and I talked about these things, he shared with me about the changes he really wanted to make in the church, and how he wanted the church to be different, but it would not change. There were too many traditions (read Mark 7:13), too many memories, and even the church bylaws which would get in the way of change.

   I believe our Pastor wished he could go on this journey with us, but he felt trapped financially, and could not leave his well paid position to seek a simpler, Biblically designed walk with God.

What is right with the church?  What is wrong? and Where do we go from here?





Our Starting Point? The New Testament and  Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna.


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